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Capua and Spartacus' rebellion

The modern SS7 road follows the old Via Appia route fairly accurately as far as anyone can tell. It follows the coast from Terracina to Formia then heads inland and so do I. I reach Capua, the town where Spartacus led his fellow slaves to freedom and rebellion. Once defeated by the might of Rome, over 6000 of them were crucified along the Via Appia, spread evenly along the roadside over 200 km from Rome to Capua.

It’s a horribly hot afternoon and a Sunday as well, so all the shops are closed. The scenery is uninspiring as well - roads lined with closed shops and advertising billboards. It’s dusty and dirty and I don’t particularly enjoy myself for a few hours! McDonald’s saves the day with a cold milkshake and a vat of Coke.