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A sleepless night

y lovely secluded campsite in the boulder field rapidly became less enjoyable as night fell and the mosquitos arrived. The nighttime temperature was so high that I needed to have my tent door wide open and to try and sleep on top of my sleeping bag. This meant that the mosquitos were free to enter the tent and feast on my exposed body, and they quickly took advantage of this opportunity. I spent some time swatting at them as they buzzed irritatingly around my head, and around 2am it sounded like there was maybe just one left. I turned my headtorch on to find him and destroy him, but to my horror the light illuminated 20 or 30 more just chilling out on the inside wall of my tent, waiting for me to sleep so they could gorge themselves. I resigned myself to the inevitable and by the time morning came I was riddled with itchy red bites.

Less cycling today as I nipped along the coast to the port of Bonifacio, the marina filled with gigantic luxurious yachts and the fortified town sitting on the rocks above. I walked out along the clifftop path above the beaches, where the sea has carved huge undercuts in the layered white rock. This means that the sunbathers on the sand below are underneath thousands of tonnes of overhanging cliff which looks a bit unnerving!