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We make the most of the buffet breakfast at the hotel - I’m still in cycling mode so I eat a vast amount. A short drive down the coast and we arrive in Cassis. We walk along the coast to see the Calanques; rocky inlets with clear blue water and sandy beaches. The Calanque d’En-Vau takes a while to reach, with a scrambly descent into a deep gorge. Worth it though as it’s very pretty and we went for a swim in the surprisingly cold sea.

An afternoon thunderstorm is building out to sea and we start to head back as some light rain starts to fall. Some lightning strikes in the distance and pretty soon the full rainstorm hits us maybe 30 minutes from the car. A silly amount of rain falls, probably the heaviest shower I’ve ever been in, and within seconds we’re saturated. Make it back to the car and get dried off before watching the Euro 2012 final in a local bar near the harbour in Cassis.