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Harwich to Hook of Holland by ferry

A long, cold, grey, and wet day from the centre of London to the ferry port at Harwich. I followed the Regent’s Canal for a while before turning north and heading past the Olympic site at Stratford, and on past the north east London marshlands. I strayed off national cycle route 1 (which actually continues all the way up to the north of Scotland - I was on it for a bit near Inverness) and this turned out to be a mistake. The industrial A roads weren’t much fun in the rain and I was relieved to get past the M25 and into the countryside.

As I got to Harwich I met a group of around 50 fellow cyclists doing a charity ride from London to Amsterdam. It was quite an experience to roll onboard the lower ferry deck in such a group, and we got onboard just as the rain really started to pour down. I’m writing this lying in my bunk, hoping that I don’t get a last minute room-mate, and contemplating what’s to come after the UK. Next stop: Holland.