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Pub, football, and beer

A day off in London. The local pub, the Warrington, did a fine Sunday lunch and a group of ten of us (new additions from yesterday: Camille, Akshay, Lee, Jenny, Nienke, Ketch, Raj, tragic losses: Dimic) ate well then retired to the flat for an afternoon of football. I’ve never had much interest in football but this was the final day of the English premier league and it ended with much excitement as Man City won with two goals in injury time. No such gathering would be complete without Raj’s ‘name game’ being played and as usual much fun was had. A great way to spend a restful afternoon off the bike, and lovely to see so many friends again after too long apart.

Dan showed me his book of Europe’s best (more horrific?) cycle climbs and I’m worried that some of these are going to cause me a great deal of pain when I hit the Alps… Alpe d’Huez a possibility? I may have to adjust my route.