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Cap Corse

I was too cheap to pay for an actual bed on the overnight ferry from Marseilles to Bastia, and so I end up in an area with reclining charis. A rather overweight man has beached himself in the centre of the room and is fast asleep snoring more loudly than I’ve ever heard before. Everyone else has moved as far away from him as possible, and so all the chairs around the perimeter of the room are filled. I finally manage to get some sleep by using my towel as a headband, blocking out light and sound.

The ferry arrives in Bastia at 06:45, and after the traditional cyclist breakfast of two croissants, two pain-au-chocolat, and a coffee, I head north around the Cap Corse, a rugged peninsula sticking out from the top of Corsica. Definitely worth heading up here rather than following the more direct route to the north coast; it’s beautiful and wild with little fortifications, amazingly clear water, and secluded beaches. Back down the other side of the Cap to Ille Rousse where I camp for the night.