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Entering the Bernese Oberland

The road to Lauterbrunnen gains height steadily as it climbs the valley from Interlaken. At Zweilutschinen the valley splits in two, as do the trains: one half turning left to Grindelwald, while I follow the other heading straight on up the steep sided gorge to Lauterbrunnen.

I set up camp at the base of the prominent Staubbach falls, one of over 70 waterfalls in the valley. The water flows out from the treeline high up the cliff walls and falls for hundreds of feet before making contact with the rock again. I took a gondola up to Grutschalp near the top of the falls, and walked along the high path to the car-free town of Murren at the southern end of the valley.

Back on the valley floor and the clouds began to clear. Pretty soon the air was filled with paragliders. With a loud rippling of fabric a couple of BASE jumpers in wingsuits came tearing past overhead, and seemed to open their parachutes with only a few seconds to spare before impact. What a ridiculously awesome sport!