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Pentecost holiday

To my dismay everything was closed again today, the day after Pentecost and a public holiday across most of Europe. Still, the sun was out and I wandered happily around the beautiful centre of Strasbourg. The cathedral is a stunning centrepiece which appears quite suddenly as you turn a corner in the old town. It was well worth climbing the tower for the views over the city and, on a clear day like today, the view east to the hills of the Schwarzwald.

The campsite at Kehl is worth mentioning: this is proper Euro-camping. Passing through the gate in the high fences surrounding the site you arrive at the reception building, complete with restaurant, cafe, and bar. Rows of campervans stretched off into the distance, all neatly plugged in to the water and electricity grids, many of them with portable satellite dishes on their roofs. I was led to a distant corner of the site and squeezed in amongst the few other tents on the site!