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Four countries in a day

I stocked up on provisions at a handy farmers’ market in Arlon before heading towards Luxembourg, and the possibility of four countries in one day.

From Belgium into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world. This fact alone was enough excitement to keep me going until lunch, which I ate deep in the gorge which runs through the center of Luxembourg (the city Luxembourg, capital of Luxembourg, and not to be confused with Luxembourg, the region in Belgium).

From here the road took me south east to the border town of Schengen. Schengen is right at the corner of Luxembourg where the Mosel river forms a border with France and Germany. The Schengen agreement was signed here, on a boat positioned on the river such that it lay in all three countries. Taking advantage of the resulting ‘blink and you miss it’ border crossings, I crossed into Germany, turned right, and within 2km was in France, the fourth country of the day.