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Historic Maastricht

aastricht lies right at the southernmost point of the Netherlands at the end of the thin peninsula which is surrounded on three sides by Belgium and Germany. The wide river Maas flows through the middle of this ancient town, which has had people living here since before the Romans arrived in the first century A.D.

It’s a city that rewards walking and exploring and Roman remains are to be found scattered throughout the winding cobbled network of streets: parts of the old city wall have been preserved well, as has part of the original bridge over the Mass.

The streets, squares, and riverfront are today filled with outdoor seating for the huge number of bars and cafes which are always there when you need a coffee or a beer. It feels much more relaxed than Amsterdam, less frantic, less crowded, and friendlier.

I spent a happy few hours in a pub called Take One on the Rechtstraat chatting to a local about the city’s history, the Roman occupation, cycling (of course), and his long distance train rides from Maastricht across half the world to Hong Kong.