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An odd campsite

The tree lined canals soon gave way to the expansive fields and waterways of the river lands south of Utrecht. They cycle paths here ran along the top of great raised soil barriers which are presumably part of the country’s array of flood defences. The rivers here have few bridges, and most crossings are done by ferry which cost a Euro or two. These ferries spend their days gliding back and forth between shorelines which in some cases are only 20m apart.

After the strangely named town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, I was lured in by signs to some sort of eco, green, natural campsite in the woods near Sint-Oedenrode. It was, frankly, a bit odd. The promise of ‘camping in nature’ seemed to mean neatly mown lawns surrounding a tiny pond which for some reason had a large canoe resting in it, pretty much spanning from one side to the other. The other campers on the site spent the evening sitting silently outside their campervans and their mammoth tents, and seemed in no hurry to embark on a canoe expedition. I was in no hurry to stay any longer than a night.