80,000 Hours is launched!
posted by Robbie Shade on 22 Nov 2011

And so 80,000 Hours is live! But as always much work is still to be done…

Will Crouch introduced our ideas on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning, chatting with Ian Hislop. This was the start of our unexpectedly early press launch for 80,000 Hours, which required most of the team to stay up working on the site until the broadcast at 08:45.

The name has changed from High Impact Careers, but the message is the same: maximising the impact you can have by making the right career choices. Eighty thousand hours is an approximation of the number of hours worked over an average career and we want to encourage people to make the most of it. We’re rethinking the term ethical career: could a banker do more good than an aid worker? In many cases: yes.