Bourton 10k
posted by Robbie Shade on 28 Feb 2010

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The usually idyllic Bourton-on-the-water was being gently soaked by the Sunday morning drizzle as I returned to the site of my first ever proper race. I ran this course last year after a last minute space opened up and this was responsible for kick-starting my running ‘habit’. The course is lovely and flat and with some nice cooling rain today was perfect for a PB attempt - and to try and finish in sub-40 minutes as an added bonus. I was in fact pretty much on target until 6km when the seconds started slipping out from under my feet. My fuel reserves emptied somewhere around 8km at which point I needed to run 2km in under 6 minutes. Not a chance at this stage.

Target time: under 40 minutes. Actual time: 41:28. Beat last years time by over 7 minutes, but there is much work to be done.

“If you aren’t failing regularly, you aren’t trying hard enough.”