Thames Trot 50-mile Ultra
posted by Robbie Shade on 10 Feb 2010

Oxford To Henley-on-Thames, following the Thames path. 50 miles. What better way to spend a Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening running the entire length?

Running this ludicrous distance is the culmination of a year of ever escalating running challenges. I used to detest running and this time last year the furthest I’d ever run was around 5 miles. My number one tip for anyone wanting to follow a similar path is to always push yourself by entering more and more demanding races. In my case it was 10k in February, half-marathon in April, marathon in October, 50 miler in February. Pushing yourself out of your running comfort zone is vital, and having an event to train for is the motivation I found I needed. Tip two: find someone to train with. Ideally someone who plans to run the same distances as you, and ideally is a bit faster than you. It’s much easier to tell yourself that you can put off that long training run for a day or two if you don’t have someone else waiting for you at the front door.

What’s next?